Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Difference between Cappuccino and Latte

Cup of Cappuccino CoffeeBoth Cappuccino and Latte are coffee. Latte and cappuccino are the most frequently available variation of coffee in many café around the world. Many people do not know and confuse what is the difference between cappuccino with caffe latte, another form of Italian coffee. Here, below is the clue that might useful for those who need to know the difference between these two espresso-based drink.

The thing that is similar between those two is that they use espresso coffee drink as their base and both of the beverages use milk and froth as their ingredient. The process is made by mixing milk, steamed milk foam (froth) and espresso. The main difference between cappuccino and latte is that they use different amount of milk and froth. Latte has large quantity of milk and fewer froth whereas cappuccino have fewer amount of milk and more quantity of froth than latte. Preparation of both can also be differ over the geography.

In certain places latte is served in a glass instead of a cup. The foam on top of your cappuccino is supposed to act as an insulator, so that it will keep your coffee hot longer. Cappuccino is an aromatic coffee mostly consumed by Italian people in the morning. You can use skimmed or soy milk in cappuccino as an alternative for low fat. You also can add flavored syrups like vanilla, orange or Bailey’s flavor to get a different taste. Skilled coffee makers create small designs on tthe froth at the top of the cup.

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