Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Difference between Mocha and Latte

One of the most confusing thing found by many people is to differentiate between mocha and latte, these two types of coffee are hard to distinguish from each other because of their seemingly identical nature, especially for those who are not fond of coffee that much.

small cup of latteThe major difference between these two espresso-based drink is the addition of a key ingredient for cafe mocha. A latte is actually an espresso and steamed milk (topped with a small cap of milk foam), if you add chocolate it would become a mocha! That’s why some people called mocha as a chocolate coffee or coffee and chocolate. The chocolate in this sense can also vary. Some mocha used chocolate syrups while others use powdered cocoa and the chocolate used can either be a pure white chocolate or a pure dark chocolate. They just differ due to the kind of chocolate used. Sometimes mocha beverages are topped with whipped cream. Keep in mind also that this information is highly subjective, proportions vary and individual barristas modify their offerings in order to suit their local customers.

Mocha is one of the oldest known coffee varieties in the world and is one of the first types of coffee marketed and enjoyed by Europeans. Using the basic recipe of chocolate and espresso coffee, many different types of mocha beverages have appeared in recent years. The term 'moccaccino' or 'mochacino' is also used in some places in the US. Mocha drinks today are often served as both cold an hot beverages that are available and prepackaged in most supermarkets.

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