Saturday, March 6, 2010

Coconut Water Health Benefits

The term coconut (Alternate spelling : cocoanut) refers to the fruit of the coconut palm. Its trunk has no branches but carries a crown leaves that are normally 10 to 20 feet long which looks like a feather with many segments and it is 70 to 100 feet above the ground. The leaves are a yellow greenish color. The coconut fruits hang at the bases of the leaves. The coconut grows in rainforests and other tropical of climates. It may takes about a year or so for the tree to mature, and one tree can produce 50 nuts. The tree grows near seas because in these areas the roots can find moisture. In US, it is found only in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the sothern tip of Florida and the Virgin Islands.

Almost all parts of the tree can be used. Coconut has many food uses, including meat, milk, oil and sugar as well as functioning as its own dish and cup. A seed fibre called coir found from the husk is used to make mats, cordage, brushes, rope and fishnets. The husk itself can be burned for fuel. The ribs of the leaves are used for arrows, spears and torches. The trunk is used for building small bridges, make rafters, canoes, benches, tables, posts, fences and paper pulp. The leaves are used to make baskets, hats, fans as well as to thatch roofs. The sap, a sweetish fluid known as toddy, is fermented into an alcoholic drink or into vinegar. the 'wrapper' of the palm can be used for toilet paper. Coconut tree is very strong, it can resist strong typhoons and does not need a lot of maintenance.

coconut water and the meat Coconut water has many health benefits and uses that most of you probably did not know about. Coconut water (the liquid that is taken from unripe coconuts) is the purest liquid second onlly to water itself. It is chock full of magnesium, electrolytes, potassium, calcium; everything that is good for you. Coconut water is a natural isotonic beverage and is famous for its cooling properties. For centuries locals in tropical regions have been drinking it to gain vitality and boost their immune systems. Coconut water contains vitamins which help stop fatigue, cytokinins, chloride and lauric acid. It is good for pregnant woman to help ease digestion problems during pregnancy. The lauric acid contained in the coconut water is equal to human breast milk. People drinking coconut water regularly also help them to improve immunity, alter HDL, metabolism and detoxify the body. The monolaurin found in coconut water which acts as an antiviral monoglyceride capable of killing an assortment of bacteria and viruses in your body. It is said that if you add a teaspoon of olive oil into coconut water and drink it for 3 days, it will help you to clear warms of your stomach and kill intestinal worms which makes for better digestion.

Coconut water is also a great alternative to sugary energy drinks, many athletes are encouraged to drink coconut water to replace all the fluid and minerals that they lose. It has less calories and sodium than most of juices and soft drinks in the supermarkets. If compared to other nuts like almonds and peanuts, coconut meat contains less fat and high amount of saturated fat. About 90% of the fat from the coconut meat is saturated, a proportion exceeding that foods like butter, lard and tallow. However, there has been many debates about whether or not the saturated fat found in coconuts is healthier than the saturated fat found from other foods. Coconut meat also contains more protein and less sugar than popular fruits like apples, bananas and oranges, and it is relatively high in minerals such as zinc, phosphorous and iron. When exposed to air, the coconut water will lose most of its nutritional and organoleptic characterictics, and begin to ferment.

Young coconuts are healthier than the older ones, most of the coconuts sold in the stores are the older coconuts. It is very hard to find young coconuts, those who found coconuts on the ground in Hawaiii, they often are older coconuts with a hard meat and very little water. The skins of young coconuts are green if compared to the old coconuts which are brown, matured and husky. The majoritty of the coconut cooking products are produced from the old coconuts.

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